I started SOOTHLA™ after my, then 3-month-old, son suffered from severe eczema. During many months of helplessly watching my son scratch himself open at night and never sleeping more than 1 hour straight, I began to desperately research how I could possibly help him.

At first, this research mainly focused on helping my own son, but as I dived deeper, I found how large the problem of eczema is: Over 1 in 5 children in the Western world suffer from eczema and even more from sensitive skin! Feeling frustrated with the lack of comfortable, itch-free eczema clothing and bedding solutions, I decided to create these myself. That’s how SOOTHLA™ started.

SOOTHLA™ creates the most comfortable, soft, allergy-friendly eczema clothing and bedding available on the market using only guaranteed safe, toxin-free and allergy-friendly fabrics. Our collection contains timeless, classic basics in soft-tone colors in which children can move freely and feel comfortable day and night.

We strive to minimize our impact on the environment as much as possible. Our collection is made from a biodegradable fabric, packed in recycled and biodegradable materials, and is made to be used and loved multiple lifecycles, by multiple children. We ethically produce our collection in the European Union with partners who share the same sustainability and socially responsible process values as we do.

As a mother with experience in how challenging it can be to find the best, most suitable products for a child’s precious sensitive skin I have put a lot of effort into creating our collection. It is my hope that the love and passion that I’ve put into SOOTHLA™ is evident to you and your child as you use our products. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your lives and journey- it means the world to me!


Skin-friendly clothing

After much research, we have created eco-friendly kidswear that is soft and soothing for sensitive children's skin.

Our soft lyocell fabric is infused with Zinc oxide, a combination that is clinically proven to alleviate skin irritations.

The collection is allergy-friendly, toxin-free, and features a seamless, itch-free inside feel for extra comfort.

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Boy Playing With Jigsaw Puzzle Wearing SOOTHLA Allergy-friendly Clothing

Allergy-friendly bedding

Our bedding is skin-friendly, hypoallergenic, and is made of a soft, breathing fabric.

The bedsheets and pillowcases are designed to improve sleep quality and are allergy-friendly, antibacterial, and dust mite proof.

The bedsheets feature a waterproof barrier that protects the mattress and makes a molton sheet unnecesary.

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