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"Soothla's products are developed based on research; therefore, we feel confident recommending them to our patients with extremely sensitive skin and eczema."

Anna sandin - Pediatrician specialized in child allergies & Veronica bedinger -Behavioral Scientist and Pediatric Allergy Nurse
  • A N T I - I N F L A M M A T O R Y T E N C E L & Z I N C - O X I D E

    Provides relief for sensitive skin

    The combination of TENCEL (lyocell) and Zinc has been clinically tested to reduce and soothe skin irritations, such as itchiness and inflammation of sensitive and eczema-prone skin.

  • S K I N - F R I E N D L Y H Y P O - A L L E R G E N I C

    Skin-friendly & Hypo-allergenic

    Our fabric and all the materials we use are hypo-allergenic and free from harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, nylon, nickel, and latex.

  • S I L K Y S O F T A N D B R E A T H A B L E F A B R I C

    Silky soft & breathable

    The fabric is silky soft, breathable, and thermoregulatory. It is up to 70% more moisture-wicking compared to regular cotton.

  • E C O - F R I E N D L Y B I O D E G R A D A B L E

    Eco-friendly & Biodegradable

    Our signature fabric is eco-friendly and almost entirely biodegradable. It is produced with only renewable materials and without aggressive chemicals.

  • A N T I - B A C T E R I A L A N T I - O D O R

    Anti-bacterial & anti-odor

    TENCEL (lyocell) is naturally antibacterial and the Zinc we use is also antibacterial as well as odor-reducing.

  • U V - R E S I S T A N T U P F 5 0 +

    UV-resistant UPF 50+

    The Zinc in our signature fabric acts as a shield against harmful radiation from the sun and provides protection up to 50 UPF+.

  • U N N O T I C E A B L E W A T E R P R O O F

    Unnoticeable waterproof

    Our bedsheets have an unnoticeable waterproof barrier that protects the mattress from dirt and makes a molton sheet unnecessary.

  • D U S T M I T E P R O O F D U S T M I T E P R O O F

    Dust mite proof

    Our bedding is dust-mite proof and offers protection against bacteria and fungi without making use of aggressive chemicals.

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Boy Playing In SOOTHLA Allergy-friendly Baby Bodysuit

An eco-friendly brand

We aim to have as little impact on our environment as possible and aim to make each choice with our little ones future in mind.

  • Our lyocell fabric, produced sustainably, is almost entirely biodegradable.
  • Our child labor-free products, crafted in Portugal and Spain, meet top European standards.
  • We use 100% recycled or biodegradable packaging.
  • We offset CO2 emissions from most shipments and plant a tree for every purchase made via our website.
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SOOTHLA Founder. Mother And Son

Our Story

Soothla was born out of my frustrating journey to find safe, toxin-free clothing and bedding products for my son, who battles eczema and multiple severe food allergies.

I'm on a mission to create a go-to brand that parents can confidently rely on, one that ensures safety and promotes happy, healthy skin.

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Girl Wearing SOOTHLA Allergy-friendly Clothing

Our Brand Values

We are proud to be a brand that puts comfort, quality, research-based approaches, and integrity at the heart of everything we do.

  1. Comfort: We provide comfort in everything we do
  2. Quality: We never settle for less
  3. Researched-based: We use facts only
  4. Integrity: We stand up for what we believe is right

We are committed to making a positive impact on the world, one product at a time.

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